GT Radial GT876 Provides “Happy Medium” for Tennessee Concrete Company

GT Radial GT876 Provides “Happy Medium” for Tennessee Concrete Company

With two plants, 38 heavy duty mixers and an outstanding reputation, Williamson County Ready Mix (WCRM) is taking full advantage of a booming construction industry in Middle Tennessee.

In fact, about the only thing that can slow the 50-year-old company down is down time and early removal of tires on its Freightliner and Oshkosh trucks due to cuts and snags in harsh operating conditions.

Enter the GT Radial GT876 mixed service radial! According to Dave Pickard, WCRM Director of Maintenance: “The GT876 is one the best tires we have had in our operation over the last three years. Not only smooth wear and uniformity, but also its strong, durable casing is paying big dividends for us. With a traditionally high rate of early removal of our tires due to cuts and snags, the GT Radial tires are really standing out. We run over a lot of junk on the job sites and the GT Radial provides very good cut resistance.”

GT Radial GT876 Provides “Happy Medium” for Tennessee Concrete Company

Pickard describes the GT876 as a “happy medium.” He says there’s no doubt that Michelin has an outstanding casing for retreadability, “but if the tire doesn’t live that long, the high acquisition cost is a problem. The GT Radial tire delivers a happy medium for us – fair price, good ride, good wear and a dependable casing for retreading.”

WCRM Shop Manager Steve Tschannen echoes Pickard’s comments about the GT876’s ride quality, noting that driver complaints have gone “way down” since they started using the GT Radial mixed service tire. “There’s been less of a trueing problem than with some of the other brands,” he says.
“The GT Radial tire has zero vibrations and less bounce -- an overall smooth, quieter ride that our drivers love!”

Tschannen adds: “With the combination of even wear, competitive wear life, zero vibrations, high resistance to damages, resistance to tread chunking, easy mounting, retreadability and excellent price, the GT876 has definitely been a great business decision for us.”

The GT876 features a special cut and chip compound which provides high resistance to cutting and tearing. The on/off highway tire’s wide footprint provides maximum flotation while an aggressive tread pattern delivers superior traction. The tread is also very deep which contributes to extended tire life.

It is available in three popular sizes: 385/65R22.5 18 PR, 425/65R22.5 20 PR, and 445/65R22.5 20 PR.

Located in the heart of Franklin, TN, and 30 miles south of Nashville, WMRC Inc. has two plants (one in Franklin, one in Nashville) and a combined fleet of 38 heavy duty mixers. The company has served Middle Tennessee for 50 years, providing its services for home building, road construction and commercial building projects.

Pickard says as a “mom and pop operation” WCRM focuses on providing a quality product and always treating its customers and employees fairly. Having dependable suppliers is also an important key, and Pickard says he really values the relationship his company has developed with GITI Tire USA, which markets and sells GT Radial tires across the U.S.